Simple Tips For Effective Landscape Gardening

There are many people who believe that there are just two ways to keep your lawn. There are those who believe that you spend no money on it at all and ignore the fact that it looks like a trailer park, or else you have to you lavish care on it and make it look like the White House lawn. Of course, as with everything else that takes an extreme view of things, and is fundamentally flawed in its outlook. Affordable landscaping is eminently possible and it can be yours if you know how.

If you’re actually trying to win awards for your landscaping, of course, then you need to put a lot more effort into your landscape gardening but that’s not what we’re trying to do here. We’re just trying to make affordable landscaping possible so that you and your family can enjoy nice, well-kept grounds. But even if you are trying to make everyone green with envy, these tips for affordable landscaping should help you.

What makes a person look really healthy and well-taken care of? Well, it’s a healthy diet of course. And so it is with your yard. The better-fed it is, the better it looks. The best lawn feed hands-down is compost, of course. The great thing about compost as we all know is that it is organic; but more importantly, it is free. Whatever you use in the kitchen at home – from apple cores to coffee grounds – throw them all in the compost heap, and you get what experienced gardeners call black gold. With a garden this healthy, you’ll spend a lot less on all of the other stuff.

It’s not a good idea to skimp on your fertilizer though. Using great homemade compost doesn’t preclude the need for quality fertilizer as well. Get a professional to come in and spray good quality fertilizer and weedicide on your yard. Usually, for the average-sized home yard, you can expect to pay something like $70. But there is a better way to do it.

You can keep weeds off your yard simply by fertilizing the right way. You’ll basically need to go to one of those small garden centers that are run by truly knowledgeable people. There, you will need to ask them about the kind of fertilizing schedule you should utilise for your local area, and you will need to ask them for the best fertilizer to go for. Usually, you’ll get a much lower quote than at Home Depot and you won’t have to spend on weedicide.

We live in a time when, thanks to advances in horticulture, we can basically grow anything, anywhere. For example, it’s quite easy, these days to get a plant that’s not entirely native to your area and even though it’s going to take a bit extra effort in that you’re going to have to compensate for its lack of natural defenses by pumping the earth full of artificial fertilizer, it’s still possible to make it flourish. However, is that really such a good idea? Personally, I think it’s a waste of time and money when you could simply do the right thing and populate your garden with local plants. You’ll find that you’ll run into a lot less trouble.

The author is an experienced Aberdeen landscape gardener. You can check out their website for a range of services and tips on how to make your garden look great no matter what you budget, climate or level of expertise.

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