6 Gardening Tips to Prepare for Spring and Summer

Spring is the ideal time to get started on your garden and complete some vital tasks that will have your outdoor space looking vibrant and healthy for the summer and beyond. The weather is getting warmer, making it easier to be outside, and it’s lovely to get outside after a long cold winter.

Whether you have the greenest fingers in the world or you prefer to watch your garden from the comfort of your patio chair, we’ve got the spring and Summer Gardening Tips you need.

  1. Clean and Clear Patios and Decking

Over the winter patios and pavements get stained and dirtied by berries, leaves, rain and mud. One the sun starts to shine you can get out a pressure washer and use plain water to blast down the concrete and also clean wooden decking so it is ready for outdoor dining.

  1. Tidy Beds, Borders and Everything Else

It may take some time to clean up everything you want to in the garden, but start in spring and by summer you’ll have much less to do. For example, you can rake up leaves and branches, and clean up the edges of your lawn where the grass has overgrown. Replace broken flower pots and get rid of any garden furniture or garden toys that you no longer use or are looking a bit worn. Repair any gaps in fences and gates.

  1. Clean Up Your Greenhouse

Spring is a good time to give your greenhouse a good clean. You can clean the greenhouse glass, replace broken sills and shelves, prepare your potting area, and get the planters ready for seedlings.

  1. Install a Water Butt

In order not to waste water, install a large water butt beneath a drainpipe. You can use this water to hydrate the lawn or plants in the summer. If you want to disguise the look of a large water butt use bamboo or reed panelling to keep it looking natural.

  1. Make a Compost Bin

If you don’t already have a compost bin, make one to handle all the nutritious mulch you can create out of garden cuttings and household food waste. The compost bin produces compost that helps plants grow, and it is easy to make and install a bin in your garden.

  1. Control the Pests

You don’t have to use heavy chemical pesticides to help clear your garden of pests in the spring and summer. Encourage predators into your garden to get rid of the pests by creating spaces for birds, frogs, and hedgehogs. You can also build mini barriers around plant pots using things like egg shells that many pests do not want to walk across.

Image: Image courtesy of Simon Howden / FreeDigitalPhotos.net